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[FNaF SFM] Pop Goes The Weasel

Popgoes the Weasel or just Popgoes is the main mascot of Popgoes Pizza. He is the main antagonist of POPGOES. His name is a reference to the song Pop Goes The Weasel. Popgoes is also one of the six main Animatronics in the game.

[FNaF SFM] Pop Goes The Weasel

Popgoes is a brown colored humanoid animatronic weasel. His ears, belly, and muzzle are a light beige color. His eyes are green. He wears a black top hat and holds a microphone. He appears to have a tail extending out behind his pelvis.

Popgoes begins on the stage in the Dining Hall, but will quickly walk to the Main Hall. From there, he will begin collecting parts for the Blackrabbit on the 3D-Printers. To prevent him from doing this, the player must disable the room using the Room Shut-Down button before he manages to print a part of the Blackrabbit. This will force him back to the attempted room, causing him to try again, or will go to another room. If successful in printing, Popgoes will walk back into the Dining Hall and place his pieces on a table behind the player, one by one. There are six pieces of the Blackrabbit around the pizzeria, meaning that the player is given six chances to prevent the making of the Blackrabbit

Popgoes will continue this progress until the Blackrabbit is fully-formed. If the player happens to panic too much while looking at the table behind them,the screen will start to flicker and Popgoes will jumpscare the player from behind; after this, his Game Over screen will appear. 041b061a72


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