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Tag After School for Android: How to Download and Install the Game

Tag After School is a horror game that puts you in the shoes of Shota-Kun. You, as Shota-Kun, are a timid boy who gets bullied by his friends, which results in him losing his self-confidence. One day after school, one girl from his school challenges him to spend a night in an abandoned, haunted school. And he accepts the challenge.

The goal of the Tag after School APK free download MOD was to greatly increase the difficulty of the game. You will need to go with much more caution if you want to succeed since it will bring additional enemies and traps.

how to download tag after school android

In order to make the game significantly harder, the free Tag after School APK download MOD was created. If you want to succeed, you must proceed with even more caution because it will introduce new enemies and traps.

Tag After School has recently become a game that is being discussed and sought after by many gamers. This game is a game about a ghost school mystery story where our main task as players is to uncover the mysteries that exist in the school.

The gaming industry has witnessed an unprecedented surge in innovation, and the recently updated Tag After School APK stands as a testament to this progress. As we enter 2023, this cutting-edge Android game is set to offer a remarkable and immersive gaming experience for youngsters, making it the perfect way to unwind after a busy day at school. In this article, we will explore the distinctive aspects of Tag After School Apps, examine its plethora of features, and guide you through the process of downloading the game.

Each turn, you will have an HP bar representing your energy. Besides that, you also have three hearts, this shows how many times you respawn after encountering a spoiled ghost girl in this school. The player's job is to pass through a series of dark corridors of a Japanese school after school. Those are the corridors of the floors and classrooms. Follow the instructions of the game and complete the collection of items such as a fire extinguisher, key, flashlight, clock, gold, and hammer brush.

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Hanako is a girl wearing a red halter dress with brown hair. She often asks you if you want to stay at school or leave. If you leave school at 6 am, she will give you a very special gift. It will surely make you excited and blush with shame. Another dangerous ghost is a picture of a girl with cat ears. If you go through the wall with her, the picture falls and crawls after you. Surely she will grab your leg and drain all your energy. It is full of ghosts, which can threaten your survival.

Tag After School APK will help players have moments of after-school gaming with the most comfortable enjoyment. If you want to meet beautiful witches after school, join this world of school simulation now. Many other surprises and interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

Tag After School APK is a perfect school game for everyone. It was developed by the publisher Genius Studio. It is set in a simulated setting of a school with events that happen after school. This game is about a boy named Shota-kun. He will meet many new people and discover many strange things at school. Will the ghosts and the dangerous people at school harm Shota-kun?

Tag After School APK Mod is a game with a Japanese school setting that is worth the player to play as a smart and agile student. You can freely search and download to experience. We hope that you will understand more about this application through our article.

Tag After School Saga APK is a horror genre lover. This game will bring you the mystery behind the school where you have to start adventuring so that the secrets are hidden behind it. The more crazy you have to be than the fact that behind this school has been vacant for a long time. Allows you to download completely free on Android devices. With us, we provide useful information to you to bring the best entertainment.

Shota-Kun is hesitant to become active in extracurricular activities after school. He has no choice but to confront his phobias head on and travel to the abandoned institution. It is up to the player to guide him in making sound decisions so that he can advance through the game without running into any difficulties.

The story begins after Shota-Kun is coerced into going to school by himself. The setting is quite realistic, and you can sense the tension that is building up in the air. In addition, the characters are well-developed, and each one have a distinct personality of their own.

The Tag after School APK free download MOD was developed with the intention of making the game significantly more difficult. It will introduce new foes and traps, and you will need to proceed with even greater caution if you want to succeed.

The outstanding school simulation game Tag after School is filled with a lot of tension and feeling on a player's part. It is ideal for those who are searching for a challenge, and it will keep you interested right up to the very finish.

Tag : after School Saga Game APK is an adventure role-playing game and a school life simulation, the player will take the role of a high school student and experience the daily activities of the school after school.

After School Saga is an adventure role-playing game and school life simulation developed and published by a group of indie gamers. In the game, you will play as a high school student and experience the daily activities of the school after school.

School Life Simulation: The game allows you to role-play as a high school student and experience everyday life in school after school. You will participate in academic activities, sports, clubs and part-time jobs.

The Tag After School Online lets you experience school life as a teenager named, Shota-Kun, who is paranoid and fearful of engaging in after-school life. Your main goal is to make the right decisions for Shota-Kun and keep him away from trouble in school.

Shota-Kun is apprehensive about getting engaged in after-school activities. He must travel to the abandoned facility and confront his worries. The player must assist him in making the correct decisions and progressing through the game without getting into problems.

Shota-Kun is apprehensive to participate in after-school extracurricular activities. He has no choice but to face his fears and trek to the abandoned facility. It is up to the player to help him in making appropriate judgments so that he may progress through the game without becoming stuck.

Tag After School Apk Android is fully featured with cartoonish graphics, top-notch visuals, and sound effects that get you in a realistic world, and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it has a massive range of characters that are full of vibrant colors, animated, and very impressive giving you hours of fun. Other exciting features are the availability of power-ups and speed adjustments to increase and decrease the tag speed. These all features of Tag after school makes it unique and enable the player to compete with multi-players at once.

Tag After School Download Android is career-oriented gameplay to socialize with friends in various game modes such as single-player, multi-player mode, time attack mode, online battle game mode, and so on. Here, we will discuss all the features of Tag after school in detail and how they get you an experience of social life.

방과후 술래 잡기 APK (Tag After School) is Android App that available on our Store. You could download all versions, including latest version - 5. 방과후 술래 잡기 APK (Tag After School) is app that has more than 10,000,000+ installs. If You going to install 방과후 술래 잡기 APK (Tag After School) on your device, it should have 150.9 MB space available, also your android device need to have Android 5.0+ Android OS version or higher. 방과후 술래 잡기 APK (Tag After School) was created by developer RPG Maker MV in genre of Simulation.

A new interactive app named Kid Eats, designed to help parents and teachers promote healthy eating and introduce cooking skills, is now available at the Apple app store. The program incorporates youth-adult partnerships, with adult and child working together in the kitchen. Designed for youth grades three to six, the app is a collaborative effort between UConn Extension 4-H Fitness and Nutrition Clubs In Motion, a 4-H STEM after school program funded through USDA-NIFA, and the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Media Productions. Kid Eats app is currently compatible with iPad iOS 11.0 or later.

Tag After School APK is a mobile application designed to provide students with access to a wide range of educational resources and activities to enhance their after-school learning. It offers a variety of tools and features that allow students to personalize their learning experience and engage in interactive activities that promote critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The app aims to make learning fun and engaging for students, providing them with opportunities to explore different subjects and interests in a safe and secure online environment, also new try new app called Moddroid Mechat

An educational app called Tag After School offers a variety of after-school learning opportunities and tools for pupils. Tag Learning Systems, a business that specializes in educational technology, created the app. Students have access to a range of subjects and topics via Tag After School, including math, science, social studies, and language arts.

Using educational apps for after-school learning, such as Tag After School, has many advantages. These apps can offer students more resources and support outside of the classroom, which is one of their key advantages. The app gives students access to instructional materials and exercises that are customized to their unique learning requirements and interests.

Tag After School Apk is a learning app that helps students to revise and reinforce what they learned in school. With a variety of educational games and exercises, the app is made to aid kids in learning in an enjoyable and participatory way. Users must download the Tag After School Apk from the app store to their mobile device in order to utilize the app. Installation and downloading are quick and simple processes. Students can start use the app to augment their learning as soon as it has been loaded.


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