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This design makes even the most expensive stones appear more stunning and creates the appearance of a "sparkling volume". The halo ring is by far the most sought-after engagement ring following the solitaire. Find out what makes the Halo Ring so special, what variations are available and the reason they are so well-known.

The origins and popularity of the Halo Ring's popularity and origins

The term "halo" is a reference to "circle of light" is of ancient Greek origin. The word"halo" (alos/alon-halos/halon) meaning "halo of lights" describes various phenomena that are reflected or surrounded by an object. The halo ring takes its name from this.

What is a Halo Ring?

In the 1920s, during the peak of Art Deco, halo rings were first prominently displayed.

The original halo rings feature a round-cut or brilliant diamond in the center and a frame of smaller round diamonds. The reflection makes the central stone appear larger and more sparkling. The white gold ring is polished to a dazzling shine, or adorned with diamonds that are clear. A quarter-carat ring is more attractive, whereas the multicarat ring is pure luxury. It's no wonder, that this kind of ring is so sought-after as an engagement ring. But there's a second reason.

In the light halo of color

The halo ring was designed in a variety of variations, even during the Art Deco period. It is possible to begin by creating the "halo", i.e. The frame. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and emeralds were also utilized. Stones cut in squares and round stones were very popular. What is the significance of the central stone? It was often replaced by an exquisitely crafted pave i.e. A stone-to-stone setting that contained numerous small diamonds of the same cut.

Vintage engagement rings inspire couples and jewelers to today. Halo rings are popular as engagement rings due to their unlimited possibilities for customization.

Halo rings today

Halo designs of today could be influenced by Art Deco, replicas of the past or completely original. There are a variety of options for anyone looking to design their own Halo engagement rings.

The principal stone

What would you like to have your diamond real or synthetic, clear or colored What do you prefer? There are a variety of options, as colored stones look stunning in halo designs, regardless of whether it's a tanzanite or sapphire or ruby, or the emerald. A diamond cluster with a pave center is also possible. You can obtain a greater carat count at a lower cost by opting for pave as an option.

The cut

The halo design is based on symmetry and perfect symmetry. both the round cut and the brilliant cut are classics.

The princess cut is also an excellent choice for designs with halo. Halo engagement rings are also offered with a central stone cut in the shape of an oval or emerald.

The color of the halo...

It's a matter of individual taste. Halos can be created using tone-on-tone or using strong or soft contrasts.

High-contrast diamond that is colorless and has an diamond halo

Royal - central sapphire, with an diamond halo

Tone-on-tone pink sapphires and pink diamonds.

You can choose to cut the halo stones either square or round based on the final result you want.

The number of halos

It's not the end of the line for royalty, VIPs and celebrities. A single halo does not necessarily mean the end of the road. Triple or double halos of colored gemstones as well as diamonds are technically feasible as long as they are within the budget.

The band

Should the halo be constructed out of platinum or gold? You can also play around with the ring band.

The choice of the metal, and the quality of the ring band (high gloss matte, matte, or without gemstones) is essential. The color of the metal could be selected for practical reasons. A white ring band, for instance, emphasizes the clarity (or high transparency) of the principal stone, whereas yellow gold hides this flaw since not all diamonds are genuine.

A Halo engagement must, of course, be a perfect match for the wedding ring or wedding bands.

Is a Halo ring the same as an Engagement Ring? The "Halo Engagement Ring" is not an exact formula. Halo rings can be worn for a variety of occasions and not just as an engagement ring. The halo ring is incredibly customizable, and can also be made more fun and colorful. Semi-precious stones like topazes and peridots, or even zirconia are all alternatives.


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