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The Imaging Specialist Course has two goals, one being educational and the other focused on the possibility that residents will get the level required to take the specialist exam. Until the year 2009, students traditionally attended classes in Bahía Blanca. Thereafter, the video teleconferencing method was implemented. The programs were those commonly used for videoconferencing and included the Skype or Oovoo, and systems to electronically send data, such as Rapidshare. This system only consists of two electronic notebooks, a multimedia projection system, an additional monitor and remote connection through the Internet. The lecturer usually sends his/her presentation in Power Point or Flash. This is further downloaded in the notebook that will be used for multimedia projection. The other notebook, fitted with a camera, is placed in such a way that the lecturer will be able to watch the projection. The lecture may be also transmitted using the "shared screen" option. However, if the wide band is not adequate, projection will be slow. During his/her presentation, the lecturer is seen on the screen of a larger monitor, and is asked questions at the end of the lecture. Multiple videoconferencing was carried out between Bahía Blanca, Tucumán and Spain, with overall interaction. By next year, videoconferencing is expected to include those residencies around the country interested in shared learning without geographic boundaries. The Argentine Society of Radiology Courses are also part of this project. The preliminary experience was fruitful, since local and foreign highly qualified educators could be listened to, thus saving time and money.

Download Ciencia, clase sociedad multi rar




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