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Digital Age Boon Or Bane Essay

Look around yourself at the things you are surrounded by. You will be amazed to find out that anything or everything is technology. From the smartphone you are holding to the smartwatch you are wearing, from the LED TV to the voice-controlled LED lights in your room, the AC you are sitting in is what the digital world is. As of late, digital innovations have changed our lives in endless ways. Living without gadgets in the 21st century feels like a day without water. Back in the day, having a TV was a luxury, and it has changed into a necessity within no time. From the golden age to a toddler, there is nobody who isn't dependent on their cell phones. Like every coin has two sides, this digitalization, too, has its bane and boons.Beginning with childhood, young ones are so accustomed to automated devices that they have no desire to go out, play and make new friends. With COVID-19, they even attend their school, birthday parties, hobby classes, and virtually everything. Even if we look at the brighter side, it has helped children stay connected in these challenging times, but it does not account for their healthy growth as required. Following this is teenagers, who probably are the most significantly impacted bunch. They are so consumed by online games, social media, and the web world that they lose sight of the actual connections and the real world. The gadgets provided to them for their academic and related works are used for everything other than what they should be utilized for. This has hampered mental and actual turn of events, which is certainly not a great sign and results in uneasiness, sorrow, and numerous other medical problems.The adults, too, are hooked to their phones and laptop screens regardless of if it is related to work matters or personal use, diminishing the narrow line between a personal and professional life. By and by, the geniuses cannot be neglected. Examples include digital transactions, e-books, virtual shopping, food ordering, Real-time location sharing, online ticket bookings, video conferencing, etc. Our lives have become easy and trouble-free. One can extract any information they need with a solitary snap. By digitizing operations, governments can more efficiently process claims, applications resulting in transparency and improving citizens' experience. People with disabilities and the elderly in nursing homes also benefit to a large extent from this digital advancement.Science has given us one of the most unimaginable things, making our lives a bed of roses. At the end of the day, tools don't control us, we control them, and it's up to each of us to decide what we value and then use the tools we have been given to advance those values and not let them go futile.

digital age boon or bane essay

A fairer and more sustainable distribution of the tax burden would require recalibrating tax pressure from labor to capital, closing loopholes for corporations, fighting against tax havens, and finding ways to tax digital companies more effectively. Additionally, states could also enter the investment space and through public sovereign wealth funds and venture capital funds provide liquidity, support innovation, and procure the public with some form of fiscal traction over capital income. Public stockholdings in frontier firms would surely be a boon to public budgets. Some countries are already following similar policies through their sovereign wealth funds or by creating specific investment vehicles.23

Technology can be referred to as the greatest blessing to mankind. We have attained a great height in different fields that have been possible because of technological developments. Today our nation is equipped with enormous defense capabilities. We have reached the moon and made a lot of achievements in space technology to date. As a matter of fact, it is said that Excessive use of anything becomes Poison. The same is applicable in the case of technology. No doubt it is a boon for us but it depends upon the way we are utilizing it. If we are making use of the technology in a limited manner it will be never a bane to us but can be a bane if used excessively or negatively.

The Internet is a network for communication which has tremendously made our life easy, comfortable, pleasurable and luxurious. The Internet has made the world a global village. It has helped us enhance our knowledge and connect to different parts of the world easily. The Internet has helped us save time and therefore more work can be completely in a short period. Communication and making new friends from all over the world are made possible only through the Internet. We are also being able to learn about other cultures and appreciate them as well as share and exchange ideas and thoughts with others. It helps us broaden and enlighten our knowledge and perception about other cultures and adapt to it. The Internet is definitely a boon when utilized in a proper way, but the Internet can be a bane and lead to hazards and terrible consequences if misused.

Matzah Machines and TollboothsRabbi Chaim of Zanz, the author of Divrei Chaim, who was both a Chassidic rebbe and a halachic authority, lived during the latter half of the nineteenth century. During this time, technology offered the Jewish world what was to some a boon, to others a bane: Engineers had devised a way to bake matzot by machine. What was once a slow and laborious process could now be done swiftly and effectively, and arguably more meticulously, from a religious perspective. 350c69d7ab


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