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The shortlinks resource is very basic. All of the active shortlinks you've reserved through the SlickText dashboard are available through the API. The following actions can be performed on this resource...


By default, the first set of 20 shortlinks will be returned, but you can modify this number with limit and offset values in the query string. The max limit for a single request is 10,000.

Retrieves the list of contacts who clicked the specified link. The link is specified as you were getting it by Hash or by Id (see above). By default, the first set of 20 shortlinks will be returned, but you can modify this number with limit and offset values in the query string. The max limit for a single request is 10,000.

Wait for the confirmation email, or come back to the CUSTOM DOMAINS to check in on the status. will continue to monitor the DNS for updates, and let you know when your new custom domain is ready for shortlinks and pages. This may take 48 hours, but you can still use shortlinks and pages in the meantime of course.

Using Go, Stripe employees started creating internal shortlinks for everyday workplace resources such as go/payroll to access their payslip, go/cal to open their calendars instantly, o/okr to track key metrics, among others.

Sometimes similar needs come up over and over again: you've got a new call list for your volunteers, or new event you want signups for. Since you canchange where shortlinks point at any time,you can give your supporters one thing to remmeber and change where it leads them when you need it to. For example [your domain]/calls might lead to a different Google sheet every week, or take supporters to a Google Sheet now but a Virtual Phone Bank site later on if you've got one set up closer to the election.

When you sign up for LeftApps, we'll work with you to pick a short domain name that fits your candidate or organization. From that point, LeftApps handles domain setup and maintanance. You make and edit your shortlinks from a simple web interface: just say what you want the link to be called and where you want it to go.To add a shortlink, just enter what you want it to be called and where you want it to go.Your shortlink is active and ready to share as soon as you make it; you can change or disable it at any time.It's easy to add colleagues to LeftApps to make and manage links using your same shortlink domain as well.

LeftApps is now part of Switchboard! Free fundraising reporting and shortlinks are still available. Switchboard's simple, powerful texting tool can save you time and money and is better suited to today's texting policy landscape.Just share some basic info below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours and get you set up.

Oftentimes, when you share something on social media, the length of the URL is so long it makes for an unattractive and long post. Instead, you want to use shortlinks or URLs that are more condensed and even customized.

There is an excellent WordPress plugin called Shortlinks by Pretty Links. Basically, this shortlinks plugin allows you to easily condense URLs. The kicker? They allow you to do it using your own domain name.

By default, shortlinks are generated for each one of your posts, pages, and attachment pages. If you're using a Custom Post Type to manage specific content on your site, you'll need to add shortlinks to the list of supported elements, in the function you used to register your Custom Post Type, like so:

In the shortlink archive, you can see all shortlinks that were created. The validity and number of views, above at 2, are important figures for shortlinks. Here, you can see in real time if the person you sent the link to actually opened it, for example.

Public shortlinks makes exchanging information and working together much easier. They are also great for helping someone with solving a problem, or asking colleagues for advice on social media groups. When using the shortlinks publicly, however, please consider if everyone really needs access to the data. 041b061a72


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