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Bubblegum Crisis Episode 2 [NEW]

We open up this episode with a short point-of-view perspective of someone who had taped the rescue of Linna Yamazaki, the human shoe-throwing catapult, by the Knight Sabers while they were busy smashing up the rampaging Boomer.

Bubblegum Crisis Episode 2

The meaning of the title is obscure. Most commentators believe that it refers the point in blowing a bubblegum bubble where it has equal chances of exploding all over your face or collapsing limply. The mid-21st-Century society depicted in the show appears to be approaching a similar crisis point. In what is certainly a coincidence, the OVA production roughly corresponds to the peak (and burst) of Japan's Bubble Economy (1988-1991).

Originally plotted for 13 hour-long episodes, Bubblegum Crisis was forced by a mixture of budget issues and internal politics between the two studios producing the show to cease production with the 8th episode (which wasn't an ending at all). A 3-hour sequel series, Bubblegum Crash!, is believed to be a compressed version of the plot of the remaining five episodes, but is generally considered to be inferior to the original.

R. Talsorian Games published Bubblegum Crisis Mega Tokyo 2033 The Roleplaying Game using their new Fuzion system in 1996. In addition to the game, the books contained a guide to the episodes and with unused sketches and notes on unused ideas.

Perhaps one of Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040's strengths was it actually made its way toward its intended completion, and provided a better conclusion in comparison to the original. The reboot instilled 26 episodes, allowing more time for viewers to witness the characters and get to know them better before the four of them created a team.

On the other hand, the original Bubblegum Crisis only spawned eight episodes before being unexpectedly left on a cliffhanger as a consequence of monetary and political complications between the studios that produced it. Naturally, a lack of an official ending would upset anyone. However, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 is not entirely innocent of this either; its ending was anticlimactic and can only be considered slightly better than the former since it also leaves plenty of unanswered questions -- a major one being what happened to the girls.

Likewise, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 containing more episodes was not inherently a good thing -- especially during the beginning. While viewers were able to learn how each of the girls came to join the Knight Sabers, those episodes turned out to be nothing more than fillers and thus slowed the plot down, a factor strongly disliked by the anime community.

On this episode, we continue talking Bubblegum Crisis with OVA episodes 4-6. The AD Police finally start getting their act together. The Knight Sabers make some new friends. One of them threatens to leave?! And Mackie somehow does not get worse. Dennis, Ed, and Kate go into too much episode recap rather than episode discussion, due to the looming threat of Anime Expo panic. 041b061a72


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