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Kid Paddle Saison 1

En 2011, dans une entrevue avec le journal français Sud Ouest, Midam répond ne pas être intéressé par la production d'un long-métrage basé sur la série[1]. Il répond également qu'une nouvelle saison est en cours de production[1].

Kid Paddle Saison 1

La première saison de la série d'animation Kid Paddle est diffusée dès le 1er septembre 2003 jusqu'au 21 octobre 2003 en France, sur la chaîne télévisé M6 dans l'émission M6 Kids, puis sur les chaînes Canal J la même année, et plus tard pour une rediffusion sur 6ter. Elle est, à cette même période, diffusée en Belgique sur les chaînes La Deux et RTBF[6], dans le programme G-nômes[5], et au Canada (Québec) entre le 1er septembre 2003 et le 21 octobre 2003 sur Télétoon[4]. La chaîne Télétoon peut dire sans hésitation que la série Kid Paddle rejoint un vaste auditoire de jeunes comblés[4]. En 2003, cinq premiers DVD de la série sont lancés et distribués par Distribution Select au Canada[4].

Out of the 58 national parks in the United States, there are some that people have surprisingly never heard of before. Dry Tortugas National Park is one of these great places. Dry Tortugas is a cluster of seven, tiny remote islands located 70 miles west of Key West. Nearly 99% of this 100-square mile park is open water. Imagine picturesque turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs and thriving marine life. Is this a paddle board paradise?

A paddle board tour is an amazing way to explore Dry Tortugas. From your paddle board, you can look down and witness the daily lives of marine life. Depending on your paddle board skill level, there are beginner paddle board routes to expert paddle board routes. There are quick routes near Garden Key and longer more experienced routes to Bush and Long Key which generally take a few hours.

The southern section of Ten Thousand Islands is Everglades National Park. What separates the Everglades from Ten Thousand Islands is its unique ecosystem. Compared to Ten Thousand Islands, Everglades National Park is the largest tropical wilderness in the nation. This diverse tropical wonderland makes the Everglades a paddle boarding wonderland.

Islamorada is a group of six islands in the Florida Keys archipelago known for its booming coral reefs. This is the ideal paddle board destination for those to see some amazing saltwater creatures like sharks, sting rays, dolphins and trunkfish. Paddle board to the tiny island where Indian Key Historic Park is to witness ancient ruins from centuries ago or take a ride down Snake Creek to enjoy a calm, beautiful paddle. Windley Harbor is an ideal spot to launch your paddle boards in Islamorada.

Doug is a content writer at ISLE Surf & SUP who has been surfing and paddle boarding for over 10 years. With a degree in English/Journalism, Doug has been an outdoor adventure content writer for over four years. Since joining the ISLE team, he has become a paddle board expert in all topics ranging from products, basic tutorials, tips and tricks, SUP safety, and new trends.

Free accessThis sport is done in the sea, close to the shore. You stand on a large surfboard and paddle, the difficulty being to keep your balance (it was originally done lying on the board, a bit like surfing).

Costa Rica has a lot to offer and we have put together a package for those of you wanting a full day adventure. Isla Tortuga is known for its clear water, good snorkling and beautiful white sand beach. A day on this island is one of the best days spent on the beach part of your holiday. After absorbing the impressions from this tropical island, your next adventure starts as it gets dark. Embark on an epic kayak tour in the Bioluminescent Bay of Paquera and see the ocean light as you paddle along the shore.


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